Samsung vs iPhone

Brand loyalty is the heart of many passionate arguments when it comes to upgrading cell phones. Some will swear by their Android smartphone, while others wouldn’t be caught dead with anything other than Apple in their pocket. Both companies released new models this year – but what is the real difference between a Samsung and an iPhone?

Talking specs can get overwhelming, so when choosing your phone, you need only worry about its cost and the unique features that separate it from its competitors, including how accessible it is to your needs.



IPhoneThe latest smartphone is an investment worth making, as it provides a connection to the rapidly shifting world around us. Both Samsung and Apple’s basic models start at around $800. In terms of advanced models, the iPhone 13 Pro Max starts at $1,099, while Samsung’s competing Galaxy S21 Ultra has a slightly higher starting price of $1,200.




A phone’s screen resolution, memory, processing power, and camera functions are just a few of its factors that contribute to a buyer’s decision. Most of the features that make these new phone models so special are exclusive to their upgraded models. The iPhone Pro and Pro Max come with a LiDAR scanner that can map 3D environments, while the Galaxy S21 Ultra comes with a stylus to assist in note-taking and photo-editing.

While Samsung’s Android operating system is shared with several other models of phone, the operating system of an iPhone is distinctly Apple. That means transitioning from iPhones to other brands can pose a challenge to customers who are used to the sleek interface Apple products are known for.




IPhoneIn addition to the above features of note, both phones come with optional settings to improve the quality of life for users with disabilities. The iPhone 13 has a text-to-speech feature called VoiceOver for the visually impaired that can also read text descriptions of images.

Communications devices come in all shapes and sizes. Bigger doesn’t mean better, and smaller doesn’t mean more convenient; it all comes down to the user’s hands. Screen size tends to factor into the user’s comfort, with some people finding the width and length of their phone screens to be a factor in hand cramps. On that note, the Galaxy S21 measures 6.2”. The iPhone 13 is a slightly slimmer option at 6.1”.

As new competing phone models are released each year, the jury’s still out on which brand is truly superior. Consider which one would best compliment your lifestyle before committing to a purchase.

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