Signs You Need A Computer Repair

Is your computer letting you down? Even the most reliable PCs and Mac products can use a check-up or repair now and again. While do-it-yourself solutions can fix many minor issues, there are times when an expert look is essential. Here are five signs that you need to take your computer to Wireless First Aid for a professional repair! 

Your Computer Is Operating Slowly 


RepairOne of the more common signs a computer needs a repair is a slowdown. All computers, from laptops to desktop PCs to Apple devices, experience this at some point; more often than not, it’s an easy fix. 

Clearing your memory, restarting the device, and closing the open programs can all help bring your computer back up to speed. If none of these steps help, though, there’s likely an issue that requires a professional solution.


It’s Shutting Down Randomly


Have your computer checked out the moment it starts shutting down repeatedly. The occasional random shut-down isn’t something to worry about, but once it starts happening frequently, there’s a good chance that soon, it will shut down for good. If you want to save your files, computer, and money in the long run, have a repair person look at it!


Your Computer Overheats


Your computer has fans that keep the system cool. Sometimes, though, they can’t keep up with the temperature! Quite often, it’s a case of misuse – the computer is resting on a soft surface, you’re running five different Adobe programs at once, or you’re playing a graphics-heavy game on a computer that isn’t for gaming.

If you’re careful not to put your device through the paces and it’s still heating up, a professional repair might be necessary. The same goes when the charger heats up, too – this can become a fire hazard!


It’s Emitting Strange Noises


When your computer makes strange noises that you can’t pinpoint, you should have a professional diagnose it. It could be an issue with the fans, but it could also be a hardware problem. Whatever the cause, don’t make it worse by trying to take the device apart yourself. In the hands of a non-expert, DIY computer surgery could damage any one of the many components. Make an appointment for a repair right away!


You Get The Dreaded Blue Screen 


RepairThe blue screen of death – or, more often on today’s computers, the black screen of death – is something every computer user dreads. If you use a PC or Windows laptop, this screen doesn’t always mean death, but it does mean you have an error that could render the computer unusable. 

The proper term for this is a stop error. When it happens, everything the operating system is running has to stop. You can’t leave the error to save your data or reset your computer properly – everything has stopped. The problem is serious enough that your computer will need a repair before you can use your computer normally again.

Don’t play around with this one – the fault can be so great that the computer needs professional care. On top of having a broken computer, you could lose all of your valuable data. Whether it’s black or blue, a stop error screen means you should make an appointment with Wireless First Aid ASAP!

You can schedule an appointment even if your computer exhibits signs that are not on this list. If it’s been a while since your last check-up, our team can check the health of your computer, keep it optimized, and help your device keep working its best.


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