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Wireless First Aid is London’s trusted provider of affordable laptop computer repair and upgrade services. Don’t live with a slow model that only does the bare minimum - our team of techs can breathe new life into your laptop!


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Cracked screens, poor performance, and virus infections do not mean the end of a laptop. All you need is to take your model to Wireless First Aid for the right services! We can take care of services as general as basic diagnostics, software and operating system updates, and security. You can also trust us to solve your specific problems, including recovery disk set-up for a new system, application installation, virus and malware removal, and screen repairs.

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    Upgrade your PC with Wireless First Aid.

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We Can Solve Your PC & Laptop Problems

Unsure about what’s going on with your laptop? The Wireless First Aid team can identify the issues with your system, even if you don’t know what’s going on. We can then offer recommendations for repair! You can trust us to remove all viruses, malware, trojans, and spyware, keeping you and your information safe and secure. We can also handle driver and specific software installation and updates, returning your laptop to its most useful and best condition!

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