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Your desktop computer has carried you through the years - let Wireless First Aid get it running its best! Internal cleaning, hardware installation, and operating system upgrades that meet your needs - our team of techs have everything covered. If you're looking for a major upgrade, we can help you build a new system from the ground up.

Operating System And Software Updates

Desktop computers aren’t going anywhere, and you can trust us to do what’s best for your PC. Wireless First Aid techs can install all drivers and Windows updates, install the right protective software for your PC, and remove unnecessary software that could be slowing you down. We can also remove all viruses, malware, spyware, trojans, and spyware and install the latest antivirus software.

  • Custom Built

    Let us know how you intend to use the machine and we can create something custom for you.

  • Home Computers

    Anything and everything from a great price on a starter machine, to something top-of-the-line, we can help.

  • Gaming Computers

    From starting gamers to seasoned pros, we can locate or build machines to meet your needs.

  • Upgrades

    We can upgrade RAM, ROM, motherboards, graphics cards, or anything else you are looking for.

  • Office Computers

    We can help outfit your entire office, replace a single machine, or anything in-between. 

  • Software Installation

    We can install any number of software programs on your machine at a great rate. 

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New & Used
Desktop Computers For Sale

Whether you use your desktop for work, gaming, or your day-to-day life, Wireless First Aid can give you the support you need. We can set up a personalized account, take care of Windows and driver updates, create recovery media, and protect your system with the best antivirus and security installation. If you have a new set-up, we can tackle software installation and data transfer services.

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