Club3D CAC1110 Mini Display Port 1.2a Male to Display Port 1.2a Female Passive Adapter Black


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CAC-1110 The Club 3D is a Mini DisplayPortâ„¢ to DisplayPortâ„¢ converter. It accepts a Mini DisplayPortâ„¢ input from a Mini DisplayPortâ„¢ enabled Desktop or Laptop and converts to a full size DisplayPortâ„¢ output allowing the use of DisplayPortâ„¢ enabled Televisions, Monitors or Projectors. The adapter offers hassle free plug and play functionality.
The Mini DisplayPortâ„¢ to DisplayPortâ„¢ adapter is compliant to the DisplayPort 1.2a specification and supports (Ultra) High Definition resolutions up to 3840x2160p and AMD FreeSyncâ„¢. Supports DisplayPortâ„¢ 1.4 provided the source supports it. This professional grade adapter-cable is certified by Vesa.

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