Club3D CAC1064 DisplayPort 1.2 Male to DisplayPort 1.2 Male Cable 3m 9.84ft 4K 60HZ Black


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CAC-1064 The DisplayPortâ„¢ Ver. 1.2 cable enables the connection of your DisplayPortâ„¢ supported Gaming PC or Laptop to an (Ultra) High Definition Monitor or other DisplayPortâ„¢ supported device. It features locking DisplayPortâ„¢ connectors providing a secure, reliable connection.
Simply press the built-in one-touch latch button to unlock the connector. The soft UltraFlex jacket protects the cable from bends and deformation that can damage it. Supports HBR2, total data throughput 21.6Gbps 4K UHD resolutions up to 3840x2160p @60Hz and 1080p Full HD 3D video.

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