Why Choose A Bell Phone Plan?


Navigating your best options in Canada’s mobile market can be difficult. Wireless First Aid can help, as our knowledgeable team can connect you with the phone plan you need. We offer clients access to Bell’s LTE network and the complete line of their services. Why should you choose a Bell phone plan?

Bell Is A Reliable Service Provider


Wireless first aidBell is one of the oldest mobile providers in the country – and the fastest. After transitioning from CDMA technology to a more modern HSPA+ network in 2009, Bell launched its LTE network in late 2011. Now, the company connects most of its cell towers with fibre, the latest in network infrastructure technology, for a faster, more reliable connection. 

A report from PCMag found that Bell’s maximum download speed was 786.8Mbps, up from 760Mbps measures in 2020; the average download speed of 241.8Mbps, also up from last year’s speed of 232.6Mbps. Bell’s maximum upload speed was 115.4Mbps, with an average upload speed of 43.2Mbps. All this even though Canadians used far more data per month this year compared to last!

With Bell, you can access Canada’s largest LTE network – one that covers over 34 million Canadians from coast to coast! When compared to the next-largest national service provider, Bell provides 66% more LTE coverage and download speeds that are over 40% faster.


You Can Use Your Current Smartphone


Love your current phone but not your plan? Bell connects with small businesses like ours to ensure you don’t need a new device before getting the best plan for your needs. Many clients who already have an active account can upgrade their wireless devices through Wireless First Aid. When a customer brings their device to us, we give them the option of going to month-to-month billing, too!


The Best Bundles Available


BellLike all other carriers, Bell offers share plans so that users can choose from unlimited local or national calling and Canada-wide texting. Up to nine additional people can share the data on a bundle!

Enjoy Bell services at the best regular prices on the market with our most popular Bell Bundles. Through our services, you can get excellent TV service, Fibe TV, along with our new Wireless TV along with your phone plan! Skip that hassle of holes and cables – all you need is an outlet. Bell also offers the best internet combination on the market and the most reliable home phone service.

At Wireless First Aid, we connect our clients with the best Bell consumer and corporate wireless subscription services. Our team also does new activations on their wireless devices, SIM activation, and provides services such as new activations and hardware upgrades. Your commitment times can range from month to month to yearly on voice and data!


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