Club3D CSV7300 DP 1.4 TO 3 DisplayPort 1.4 Supports up to 3*4K60HZ-USB Powered Black


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CSV-7300 – The Club-3D Multi Stream Transport(MST)Hub DisplayPortâ„¢ 1.4 Triple Monitor is an integrated solution that allow you to enjoy displaying content onto three different monitors/displays simultaneously under MST mode.
The three screens can accommodate displaying different contents in parallel or by simply extending the existing screen, giving a panoramic view of the content which maximizes the user’s visual experience. With its multi-display capabilities, this hub can serve as a convenient and hassle-free portable, alternative solution to the conventional docking station. It’s the perfect solution for host devices which feature DP1.2 /1.4 graphic cards that supports all DP Alt mode video signal output, for gaming and commercial applications. Supports G-Sync, FreeSync.

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