Club3D CSV-1592 USB-C 7 in 1 Hub to HDMI 4K60HZ+SDTF Card Slot + 2X USB + USB-C PD + RJ45 Gray


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CSV-1592 – The Club 3D Hub is a USB Type C 7-in-1 Hub to HDMIâ„¢ 4K60Hz /SD-TF Card slot / 2x USB Type A / USB Type C PD / RJ45, providing an ideal solution for extending the port of USB Type C or Thunderboltâ„¢ 3 host (PC/Laptop/tablet/Mobile phone, etc.),especially for the host with a single USB Type C port. This hub adopts the latest DP 1.4 Alt mode technology available today, enabling to output HDMIâ„¢ video with max 4k/60Hz and at the meanwhile transfer USB 3.1 data with max 5Gbps. 2x USB Type A ports allow you to connect 2 USB devices simultaneously. SD/Micro SD allow to insert 2 card slots simultaneously for data transmission or for reading/writing information on the host. RJ45 ports allows the host to get access to Gigabit Ethernet. Besides, the USB Type C female supports PD 3.0 with max 100W PD Charging. It can work on all USB Type C and Thunderboltâ„¢3 host that supports DP Alt mode(including DP1.2 and DP1.4 Alt mode).When working on Thunderboltâ„¢3 host, this product transmits DP signal.

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