Club3D CAC1120 MiniDisplayPort 1.4 to DisplayPort Extension Cable 8K60HZ Extension Cable F/M 1m/3.28ft Black


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CAC-1120 – Club 3D Mini DisplayPortâ„¢ to DisplayPortâ„¢ 1.4 Extension Cable 8K60Hz DSC1.2 HBR3 HDR enables the connection of your Mini DisplayPortâ„¢ supported (Gaming) PC or Laptop to any standard Displayport cable to extend the distance to your DisplayPortâ„¢ supported Television, Monitor, Projector or other DisplayPortâ„¢ supported device. DisplayPortâ„¢ 1.4 adds support for Display Stream Compression 1.2 (DSC), Forward Error Correction, and extends the maximum number of inline audio channels to 32. It features locking DisplayPortâ„¢ connectors providing a secure, dependable connection. Simply press the built-in one-touch latch button to unlock the connector. The soft UltraFlex jacket protects the cable from bends and deformation damage. The Cable is 32AWG and fully Bi-Directional.

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