Club3D CAC-HMD>DFD HDMI Male to DVI-D Female Passive Adapter Black


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CAC-HMD>DFD The Club 3D is an HDMIâ„¢ to DVI signal converter. This Adapter is the easiest solution for connecting your HDMIâ„¢ enabled Desktop/Laptop/Tablet to a DVI enabled Monitor, Projector or Television. The adapter adapter uses premium components to ensure the highest performance and maximum ease of use resulting in the best user experience. The adapter is designed to work with devices featuring the HDMIâ„¢ (Type A) connector. Simply connect the HDMIâ„¢ (male) end of the connector to your Desktop/Laptop/Tablet and plug your existing DVI cable from the display into the DVI (female) adapter. Setup requires no software installation, the adapter seamlessly converts the HDMIâ„¢ signal into a DVI video signal.

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