Club3D CAC-1902US USB and USB-C Dual Power Charger up to 60W USB-C Charging Cable Inclusive Black


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CAC-1902 – The Club3D Dual Wall Power Charger for up to 60 Watt, with dual USB Type A and C connector is designed for users who need to charge their PC/NoteBook/Tablet/Mobile phone as well as their docking station. It has an integrated AC connector for direct use into a wall socket. The Power Charger is light weight without compromising on Quality and safety. By adopting Power Delivery charging technology, the charging function through both USB Type A and Type C interface, you can charge any USB C powered device via the bundled USB C cable.
Charging by adopting PD Charging technology and charging function through both USB Type A and/or C interfaces the Club3D Power Charger offers unique functionality. The USB Type-C connector is compliant with PD2.0 charger and Quick Charger 3.0 technology (available only when using USB C alone) It will charge your device up to 60W when used alone and 45W in combination with 12W of the USB A.

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